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There is a girl

Author: Anna

Published on: May 4, 2009

Translated on: January 19, 2011

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The hands of a girl are often cold, but always with sweat. Sure, that girl is me. One of my best friends had ever said to me:”The phenomenon of your hands is just like you. Seen from the appearance, you are very passionate and active, but once know further on you, you are cautious and unaccessible.That is just like the sweat on your hands which will mistake others that you are very warm, but once touch your hands, it is really extremely cold. ” All these words were pressed deeply in my heart.
Yes, I am a strange girl. I have two sides of character which is just like a coin has two sides. When gathered with my good friends, I would feel happy,and showed actively and talktively, which is just like an excited bird, but usually in fact, I always feel lonely and boring without any reasons. However, I am also a quiet girl.I like staying at the dormitory alone at night with the table lamp on: thinking about some questions, listening the soft music and drinking a cup of tea.Although, I am alone at that time, I feel rich and comfortable inside. I like a words very much, that is:”When I am in crowds, I feel lonely;but when I am alone, I never feel lonely at all.” What a strange girl!
I am also a common girl with good traits and bad traits. When I was in high school, I had a clear and certain goal, that is college. So I studied very hard day and night to pursue my goal. It is really a crazy period. That is me, a girl who is always persisting in her dream. Meanwhile, I am also a sanguine girl. I believe the world is so beautiful and thank for everything, everyone that is surrounding me. That is why I can keep optimistic and make all of my friends happy. What’s more, I am still a confident girl. The confidence is from my heart, beacause I think everyone in world has the capital of confidence, so why not!
However, on the other hand, I  hesitate in decision. Every time when I should make a decision, it will drive me mad. I hope everything shall be decided naturally, then I just need to follow it, but the real life is not like that. I should have to make lots of decisions for myself. Now, I am coming to force myself to make decisions, and learning how to analyse, which can help me in making a cleverer choice. All those would get me rid of the fear and become more confident. Yes, the good traits make me more confident , while the bad traits drive me to improve myself constantly, and with them, my life is becoming more meaningful.
Meanwhile, I am still a girl with lots of dreams. When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a scientist, and now to think of it, what is a big ambition! Then, when I  grew a bit older, I wanted to be a interpreter , so I studied English very hard, and naturally, English was becoming my best, favourite subject. However, the fate plays me a joke. I was enrolled by the accountant major of the Jiangxi University  of  Finance&Economics. Maybe lots of people will think I am an unlucky man, but now, I am becoming loving this major, and I have a certain aim of my future, That is to be an excellent accountant. I know it is a hard job to me, but once I decide it, I will try my best to persue it. I am a persistant girl, you know, which I had mentioned. As I am the only child of my family, my parents pour all their love and concerns on me. I love them very much, so no matter how old I grow, I will live with them and look after them forever. In order to realize this dream, I must study hard and prepare a lot for my future. I want to give them a happy and comfortable life, which is just my final dream–the whole family live together, peaceful and rich.
All this is me, maybe sometimes I am strange , but in fact, I am really a common girl. I gain lots of love and also love this world very much! “There is a girl, and that girl is me. ” which is the last words I want to add.

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