Paragon Raiders

Let us see the real MONSTERS – Raiders of Paragon


-xenophics 2010年8月9日 – 12:03

Finnish Guild -> All from Finland -> All live in Finland (afaik) -> Different cities -> QuakeNet #paragon
芬兰公会 -> 全部来自芬兰 -> 都住在芬兰(据我所知) -> 不同的城市 -> 常去的游戏网站QuakeNet #paragon

Assembly is over ]

Assembly Summer 2010 is now over and we’d like to thank ASUS and Steelseries for inviting us and taking care of us during the event. Also huge thanks to Eoy for commentating the main raid with xenophics. We hope you enjoyed our raids as much as we did, let’s see when we’ll stream them again.

We will be uploading some pictures as well as write a short article about the event. We found a random video from youtube, check it out if you want to see how the event looked like.
by xenophics 9.8.2010 – 12:03

Paragon的花名册 ]

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