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ugmbbc released on 10 August, 2009

English Translator: vivianalive

They are not my parents.



Contributor: Sorry, I talk dirty


No daylight, no night time and no personal freedom, all in the exist-in-legend-only place are endless training, imprisonment and thrashing. That is the great internet addition rehabilitation center. It astonishes me that I can see the Nazi concentration camp like inhuman place has revived in our society after so many years, which I think only can be found in WWII films.


Parents are spending thousands to send their own children into torture and thrashing, even without caring about the latter’ lives. Is it simply because the children are internet-addicted.


Why? I had contemplated and wondered numerous nights, yet get no answers. Then suddenly a light touched my perplexed heart. I realized that those are not their natural children!

three children in front of a game play(China Daily Zhang Heping)


As we may think, you have a child, who are addicted to a particular thing and lingering at the spot. Are you going to send him to the inhuman concentration camp, in which exits no human rights, then ask them to beat your child good and hard for you?


You hire others to do this because you hesitate to take action?


As parents, you have never crushed on anything so crazily?


Are there any essentially differences between their love to network and your liking on mah-jong, cigarettes, liquor and corruption?


Have you never been confused and perplexed about life?


Maybe you should feel fortunate, be rejoicing that your parents has not send you to any sorts of addiction rehabilitation camp, which may cost your life. But why have you forgot it in such a hurry?


Perhaps Big Luo is right. Human is born TM(in Chinese means: fucking) forgetful animal. The history old generation dislike the doing of younger generation repeats over and over forever.


If consider from another point of view, the fathers and mothers are shrinking the responsibility of educating children, which they shall have done by their own hand. However, they pass the responsibility to an outsider-a more inhumane and illegal organization-the internet addiction rehabilitation camp. Don’t those parents really know the background of those relentless drillmasters in the addiction rehabilitation camp?


Or you are pretending ignorance of it?



I can but use the worst way to presume those fathers and mothers. I can only tell myself, those are not your natural children!