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May 4 2013

Microblog Archive – July 2012~May 2013

04/05/13 I don’t use weixin or weibo, coz I am too busy to ever read other people’s murmurs. 30/04/13 Vivi is now on dribbble at 09/04/13 Iraq War: 10 Years. 21/03/13 I hate Goolge for brutally shutting down Google Reader. Just another unfaithful and untrustworthy wallstreat company. 20/03/13 Ah~money, one of the major differences  Continue Reading »

Nov 5 2012

Summer 2012 Review

Summer & This City Still in this city. Every time I said it’s the last summer I stayed here, it’s always proved in the end that I was wrong. So this time, I may just say, I’ll stay here for another while. You know which one it is, if you really know me. Summer &  Continue Reading »

Jan 29 2012

CeeUI 2.3.6 release

This is the final release of CeeUI 2.3.x series after one whole year. And I have just been preparing to get back to WoW to play as a casual player below the NGA standard. Change Log: all addons updated to 4.3 (please remember to click on Load Out of date Addons) reduced the opacity of target auras  Continue Reading »

Oct 14 2011

CeeUI 2.3.5 preview

Nah~nah~nah~ here comes CeeUI 2.3.5 preview edition.

Jul 4 2011

xCT & BaudAuction for Cataclysm 4.2

Make them usable again for WOW 4.2.