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Aug 2 2012

Microblog Archive – July 2011~August 2012

25/07/2012 “Look around us, everybody seem busy on some work, and nobody has spare time to take rest basically it’s a general desire of every person to become rich over night.” 17/07/2012 There’re oceans of people and knowledge on the earth, you only need to learn what meaningful to you. And it’s okay to disregard  Continue Reading »

Dec 1 2011


To my dear visitors, Hi! Whether you know me or not, or merely come across this place via another random search. I just wanna say thank you, thank you for visiting my blog, thank you for reading my words, my experience and my thoughts. I have moved to – back to simplicity The update of this  Continue Reading »

Jul 16 2011

Microblog Archive – May~July, 2011

Vivi’s Tencent Microblog Archive – May 18, 2011 ~ July 16, 2011

May 16 2011

Microblog Archive – March~ May, 2011

Personal Microblog Archive

Apr 30 2011

CeeUI 2.2

CeeUI 2.2.1 preview