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Jul 25 2015

Vancouver – Summer 2015

Vancouver is a nice, peaceful and diversified city. The city is built in a delta area, facing the Pacific Sea, and surrounded by primeval forests and snow mountains. Its residents come from all over the world. It’s the place I’ve always wanted to visit.

Aug 24 2014

Korea – May 2014

Allow me to me frank, during my 5-day trip there, Korea had nothing to surprise me, except two things. One was its net speed. Every hotel, both large and small, provided 20 ~ 100+ mega bit per second high-speed broadband. Every where, you can just pick up your mobile phone and find numbers of stable, open  Continue Reading »

May 5 2013

A Trip to the Philippines – Summer 2013

These pictures were captured with an iPhone 4S when I was travelling in Boracay the Philippines. You may want to click the images to view them in large scale, and also some my murmurs.

Mar 14 2011

The Old Friends

I don’t know if I would come back here again, don’t ever like the new blog site quite much. I am deeply missing the old JH blog. When we were three or four years younger. Now most people I know from that time have graduated. And here is my turn to leave. Yet I only  Continue Reading »

Oct 19 2010

Let Us Watch the Real MONSTERS – Paragon

Let us see the real MONSTERS – Raiders of Paragon 让我们来看看真正的妖怪-Paragon(“模范”)的Raid成员. 我们总是在视频里观看,赞叹他们精湛的技艺,风骚的走位,超人的意识.他们中有凶悍的兽人,肃杀的亡灵,妖艳的BE,憨厚的牛头人…….不过那些都只是他们的阿凡达. 现在让我们来看看他们真正长的什么样吧.