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Sep 4 2009

Danwei: China’s Internet: the Wild, Wild East

China’s internet: the wild, wild East 中国互联网:狂野东方 The Chinese internet, for all the state censorship and other disturbing abuses, is an anarchic playground that is the closet thing to the Fourth Estate the country has, argues Jeremy Goldkorn 正如杰里米Goldkorn所提出的,尽管国家审查,问题丛生,中国互联网是一个无拘无束的游乐场,是这个国家拥有的最近似第四权的东西. Published: 7:23AM BST 26 Aug 2009 Translated: 2:08AM 4 Sept 2009 Hangzhou Chinese Netizens picture  Continue Reading »

Aug 10 2009

cnBeta: They Are Not My Parents ugmbbc发布于 2009-08-10 13:54:50 ugmbbc released on 10 August, 2009 English Translator: vivianalive They are not my parents. 他们不是亲生的. 感谢对不起,骂人了的投递 Contributor: Sorry, I talk dirty 这是一个只有在传说中才能见到的地方,一旦进入就没有白天、黑夜,没有人身自由,有的只是不断的训练、拘禁与殴打,这就是伟大的戒网瘾训练营。曾经我以为只有在二战电影里才能看到这样的纳粹集中营,没想到多年以后这样的毫无人性惨无人道的东西竟然会在我们的社会里重生! No daylight, no night time and no personal freedom, all in the exist-in-legend-only place are endless training, imprisonment and thrashing. That is the great internet addition rehabilitation center. It astonishes  Continue Reading »