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Aug 2 2012

Microblog Archive – July 2011~August 2012

25/07/2012 “Look around us, everybody seem busy on some work, and nobody has spare time to take rest basically it’s a general desire of every person to become rich over night.” 17/07/2012 There’re oceans of people and knowledge on the earth, you only need to learn what meaningful to you. And it’s okay to disregard  Continue Reading »

Jan 19 2011

There Is a Girl

有一个女孩 作者:安娜 发表于:2009年05月04日 译于:2011年01月19日 英译中 原始链接: There is a girl Author: Anna Published on: May 4, 2009 Translated on: January 19, 2011 Original URL: The hands of a girl are often cold, but always with sweat. Sure, that girl is me. One of my best friends had ever said to me:”The phenomenon of your hands  Continue Reading »