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May 13 2011

The Concentration of China’s Audit Market

Translation Task for one my friend in accounting. This is the first time I pick up the translation task in accounting profession. Translation from Chinese to English The development of our country’s audit market has only undergone a short time, hence still being at the primary stage. The article has carried through an empirical research  Continue Reading »

Oct 26 2010

What Happened to the Men Who Built China?

What happened to the men who built China? 建中国者,而今安好? Posted on 2010/10/26, 16:13, by Jeremy Goldkorn, under Migrant workers. 发表日期:2010年10月26日,16:13 发布者:Jeremy Goldkorn 作者:Malcolm Moore 译者:vivianalive 主题:农民工 Original URL: 原始链接: This article is by Malcolm Moore, the Daily Telegraph‘s Shanghai Correspondent. You can follow him on twitter. 本文作者Malcolm Moore是每日邮报的一名上海通讯员.你可以follow他的twitter. What happened to the men who built  Continue Reading »

Oct 27 2009

Human Flesh Search Engine Phenomenon in China Chinese Culture Blog 中国文化博客 From Lisa Chiu, for 作者丽莎, .The Human Flesh Search Engine phenomenon in China 中国的人肉上搜索现象 Tuesday October 27, 2009 2009年10月27日星期二 The renrou (“ren row”, 人肉) or human flesh search engine has been at it again. 人肉搜索(“ren rou”,人肉)或者人肉搜索引擎再兴波浪. Today the Shanghai Daily reported that after angry netizens (wangmin or 网民)  Continue Reading »

Sep 24 2009 Culture:Civil Society Culture Author: Sara Naumann Translator: vivianalive Civil Society 文明社会 Thursday September 24, 2009 星期三 9月24日, 2009 I’ve been listening to a few podcasts discussing the loss – or lack – of civility in the US recently. 最近我在听一些讨论美国文明礼仪的丢失与匮乏的博客. We’ve got Congressman Joe Wilson’s outburst during President Obama’s health care speech at the forefront, followed  Continue Reading »

Sep 4 2009

Danwei: China’s Internet: the Wild, Wild East

China’s internet: the wild, wild East 中国互联网:狂野东方 The Chinese internet, for all the state censorship and other disturbing abuses, is an anarchic playground that is the closet thing to the Fourth Estate the country has, argues Jeremy Goldkorn 正如杰里米Goldkorn所提出的,尽管国家审查,问题丛生,中国互联网是一个无拘无束的游乐场,是这个国家拥有的最近似第四权的东西. Published: 7:23AM BST 26 Aug 2009 Translated: 2:08AM 4 Sept 2009 Hangzhou Chinese Netizens picture  Continue Reading »