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Jan 29 2012

CeeUI 2.3.6 release

This is the final release of CeeUI 2.3.x series after one whole year. And I have just been preparing to get back to WoW to play as a casual player below the NGA standard. Change Log: all addons updated to 4.3 (please remember to click on Load Out of date Addons) reduced the opacity of target auras  Continue Reading »

Oct 14 2011

CeeUI 2.3.5 preview

Nah~nah~nah~ here comes CeeUI 2.3.5 preview edition.

Jun 26 2011

CeeUI 2.3.1 release

CeeUI 2.3.1 release It’s Done! Stable, yet not bug free.

Jun 26 2011

CeeUI 2.3.0 beta

CeeUI 2.3.0 beta, Tier 12, the WOW UI Community

May 23 2011

CeeUI 2.2.1r

CeeUI 2.2.1 release, more latest screenshots.