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Mar 1 2010

Novel-Arthas-Rise of the Lich King Chapter24

From Arthas-Rise of the Lich King     chapter24 节选自阿尔萨斯-巫妖王的诞生 第24章 Brief of the Scrap: The fight between Arthas and Kael in front of IceCrown. 片段梗概:冰封王座前,阿尔瓦斯与凯尔萨斯的战斗。 作者:Christie Golden 译者:vivianalive “Arthas! Arthas, turn and fight me, damn you!” “阿尔萨斯!阿尔萨斯,转过来和我打啊!” The voice was clear and pure and full of hatred, and Arthas turned. 话音清晰、响亮,充满仇恨。阿尔萨斯转过身。 The elven prince was but  Continue Reading »