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Oct 27 2009

Human Flesh Search Engine Phenomenon in China Chinese Culture Blog 中国文化博客 From Lisa Chiu, for 作者丽莎, .The Human Flesh Search Engine phenomenon in China 中国的人肉上搜索现象 Tuesday October 27, 2009 2009年10月27日星期二 The renrou (“ren row”, 人肉) or human flesh search engine has been at it again. 人肉搜索(“ren rou”,人肉)或者人肉搜索引擎再兴波浪. Today the Shanghai Daily reported that after angry netizens (wangmin or 网民)  Continue Reading »

Sep 24 2009 Culture:Civil Society Culture Author: Sara Naumann Translator: vivianalive Civil Society 文明社会 Thursday September 24, 2009 星期三 9月24日, 2009 I’ve been listening to a few podcasts discussing the loss – or lack – of civility in the US recently. 最近我在听一些讨论美国文明礼仪的丢失与匮乏的博客. We’ve got Congressman Joe Wilson’s outburst during President Obama’s health care speech at the forefront, followed  Continue Reading »