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    We never possess time in the same way we possess the money in our wallets.

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Jan 5 2014

Happy 2014

Happy 2014, Moon, Vivi and everyone!

Sorry I haven’t written anything new for a little while, because I am too busy designing and creating webpages/websites.

Besides, this Christmas is my 25th birthday.
So~ Happy birthday Vivi, your time has come.
Wishing everything neat, simple & beautiful!

New year email 2013/2014

New year email 2013/2014

Sep 24 2013

Tibet – Summer 2012

These pictures are a bit aged now. I just want to keep them somewhere, lest they are lost.
psb psb (1)

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May 5 2013

A Trip to the Philippines – Summer 2013

These pictures were captured with an iPhone 4S when I was travelling in Boracay the Philippines.

You may want to click the images to view them in large scale, and also some my murmurs.

sunset purple sky

I walk this beach for the one last time.

sunset orange sky

When the sun set, the sky turned from blue to orange. The temperature fell to a degree that was so pleasing. And the atmosphere on the beach was so cozy and sleepy.

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May 4 2013

Microblog Archive – July 2012~May 2013

04/05/13 I don’t use weixin or weibo, coz I am too busy to ever read other people’s murmurs.
30/04/13 Vivi is now on dribbble at
09/04/13 Iraq War: 10 Years.
21/03/13 I hate Goolge for brutally shutting down Google Reader. Just another unfaithful and untrustworthy wallstreat company.
20/03/13 Ah~money, one of the major differences after graduation is that I never stop worrying about how much money I still have.
02/01/13 After leaving school, do you still try to learn something new every week like me?
13/01/13 I hate Windows 8 a lot, and I hate Windows 8 style even more.
03/01/13 Dreams will keep us young.

27/12/12 Thank you for pointing out my mistakes, though it was kinda painful.
16/12/12 Thought I wouldn’t feel lonely again since I love you, yet there’re still much of loneliness around me.
23/11/12 I love pop music, industrial metal, Italian Opera as well as electronic vocal trance.
12/11/12 Wall-E and South Park, both are my favorite cartoons.
28/10/12 I live every day like it’s my last. Hence, sorry I am too busy to just stand there and listen to you.
22/10/12 The reason that I love IT most is that, everthing updates everyday or dies the day after.
02/10/12 As I grow up, I see more demises than newborns.
11/09/12 Paragon “disbanded”. The end of an era. Fxck Ghostcrawler.
27/08/12 “Great design isn‘t good enough.“ So finally I have figured out why I never get along well with my works.
04/08/12 Why Blizzard can’t bring all the good back. I am strong, but I am hurt.

Mar 2 2013

Design Works Dec 2012~Feb 2013

1. Merry Christmas and New Year Email

The HTML email I designed and made for Christmas and New Year’s day last year.
It didn’t take me much time to bring this email from sketch book into photoshop, but it unexpectedly took me a whole afternoon to edit and check time and time again to bring the maximum compatibility across various email platforms and browsers.

Our customers are mainly English-spoken programmers. AFAIK, they love black, white, orange, red colors. They love designs that are either serious or enthusiastic. Hence, when I noticed that I had already used red and green colors on it, I determined not to use our company color – orange.

I wish our customers could find a bit love and care while skimming through piles of commercial promotions that are of nothing but greed and evil.

new year letter 121220

2. Homepage design for a Chinese software company

I had a little trouble while designing this site. It was just so strange for me to type Chinese characters into PSD.
Usually, 12px is large enough for English letters. But for Chinese characters, things are different.

index page design for damingsoft