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    We never possess time in the same way we possess the money in our wallets.

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Jul 19 2015

I LITE WordPress Theme is Now Open Source

I LITE is a minimal WordPress theme that was designed with love.

I designed and created it on Feb 2011 when I first started to learn web design and development. So basically it’s the first and experimental project I’d worked out.

Feel free to fork it on Github.


MIT License (MIT) Copyright (c) [2015] [Vivian Alive]
A link( to this website is appreciated.

Article/post page

Article/post page

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Dec 28 2014

Website Work SOP at Dynamsoft

1. Receive task

  • Confirm the due date and requirements.
  • Create a new entry on Asana for the task.
  • Sort tasks by urgency. If uncertain, ask Rachel.

Asana, SourceAnywhere

2. Sketch

  • If it’s a large, complicated, or unassured work, start from paper.
  • Show and discuss the sketch with the task assigner and the team.

grid paper, pencil

3. Design

  • Rule No.1, maintain the consistency of typography and color.
  • Is the new font or color really indispensable?
  • Will the new font or color be used elsewhere?
  • Can the average monitors reproduce the colors as expected?
  • Does the visual effect worth extra codes to implement?

style guide, photoshop, ColorSnapper

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Dec 18 2014

Leopold FC660M with Rainbow Keycaps

This keyboard, I bought it as a gift for my 26th birthday, Christmas day, and New Year’s day.

Also, dedicated to the 25-year-old me.

“I can always make you smile.”

Love the color gradient!

Love the color gradient!

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Aug 24 2014

Korea – May 2014

Allow me to me frank, during my 5-day trip there, Korea had nothing to surprise me, except two things.

One was its net speed. Every hotel, both large and small, provided 20 ~ 100+ mega bit per second high-speed broadband. Every where, you can just pick up your mobile phone and find numbers of stable, open and free wifi within seconds.

Another thing was a bit troublesome. Unless in Soul, which is the capital city, it’s really difficult to find someone who can speak English. After 5 minutes of explanation, the saleswoman still couldn’t get what I wanted to buy was just a piece of postcard.  Moreover, the very few English words on the buildings and billboards did very little help to a lost man.

My first breakfast in Korea. Totally western style.

My first breakfast in Korea. Totally western style.

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Aug 18 2014

My Career So Far

Actually I wanted to start this article like “My Career as a Web Designer and Developer So Far” at first, but suddenly I think of Joya. She said to me, the other day, that only Falcon and Lincoln were the real developers in the company, she wasn’t. If this is true, what am I supposed to be? Thus, I decided to write it like a story.

Thanks Amy for the Mac and the chance to Design.

Thanks Amy for the Mac and the chance to Design.

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