This post is dedicated to, on which I have worked for 2 months. But now it’s gone.
And goodbye dear visitors of ZOMG, it had always been the most interesting and exciting part of my daily grind.
Thanks for your enthusiastic support to ZOMG and my job.

And goodbye zomg my sweetheart.


“I know that we are young, but I just can’t be with you like this anymore… “
___Lady GaGa

“AnimeHere Has Come, ZomgAnime Has Gone.”

We will not update or decorate in the near future. ZOMG has traveled into an exquisite and safe chocolate realm in a fantastic anime world.

I hope and I believe you enjoy AnimeHere as much as I do. She will be kindhearted, enthusiastic and thoughtful.
“And most importantly, she will love you as much as I do.”