At first, I planned to make a guide about Facebook Promotion, then I discovered I’d lost all notes about it, together with some forum management notes. Therefore,  I decide to put it simple.
Here I only list out  some tips for a typical anime Facebook.

1. Update regularly in a fixed time.
Make your site a habit-to-visit. They will adjust their schedule to follow your release timetable.
This is the most important  part for any site that wanna be popular.

2. Attach HD anime wallpaper with the URL you wanna promote.
A piece of HD wallpaper, no matter of what genre, is really hard to refuse. It would be spreed widely.
Everyone like to share cool stuff on line with a single click.

3. Anime News & Co-splay with URL to the related resource on your site.
Anime News from  authoritative sites will increase your  authority and seriousness.
It seems your page do have something serious and useful.
And cos-play is but another contrast. Something anime related.

4. Occasional polls on various subjects, like how old are you, where are you from.
Try to engage the users every now and then.

5. Make the users contribute content.
Welcome to the web 2.0. People first.

6. Answer every single one question, particularly questions like:
Does  HOTD have season 2?
When will episode 5 come out?
Wiki will be competent  to help you out. And you have solved the users’ problem.
They are your users now!


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