A comprehensive and detailed Facebook Promotion Program covering how to start, promote and run a company Facebook Page.


Benefits – What Facebook and other social media could bring us?

  1. Once a visitor or user likes your page, he would then receive the messages from your pages passively. His friends would see what he likes, hence become interested in. Then friends of the friends… This is a great and ideal way to promote a product, because friends usually are similar in personality and occupation, they share lots of same interests.
  2. Like, in other words, means book. People voluntarily follow the page of your product, which means they are already or potential customers of you. And now you have a direct way to keep connection with them, a reliable way to illustrate how good you are.
  3. Convenient way of customer service. A lot of people don’t bother to make a post or phone call.
  4. This, in the meantime, makes people feel how popular and welcomed your product is.

Profile – Perfect the Information – Who we are?

  1. Profile Picture: 50×50 – scale, clean, clear, well designed, and informative; logo + abbreviation
  2. Info: Overall, simple and concise information, including contact information, site address and geo address
  3. Discussion: About the features and price of the product, suggestions, important industry news, plus several off-topics
  4. Video: Product demos – visualized
  5. Events: About upgrades and server maintenance schedule, non-confidential development plans, and promotional plan
  6. Photos: Company, staff, office, product, logo, brand, info graphic, achievement, award.
  7. Friendly Links: In the left side column, from another Facebook page, which is supposed to be more popular and relative?
  8. URL: A custom URL once you have amassed 25 fans.

Updates / Content – Weekly or Daily? – What we offer?

  1. Product change logs, upgrades preview, new features introduction
  2. Hot forum posts.
  3. FAQs from both forums, daily customer service, and emails
  4. Interesting IT professional mashups, like health tips, funny office jokes, poor tech inventions and material from surrounding life. Words and pictures.
  5. Promotion Activities, Ads
  6. Polls of various topics, where are your from, do you live the new features, what kind of product do you want.
  7. Showcase our customers. Feedbacks and information from our customer.
    Both pictures and words. (Don’t be too specific about this part.)
  8. URL – Link to where we want to show.


  • You should never spam under any circumstances.
  • Update the page routinely, actively, try some new occasionally.
  • Communication & Interaction.

Likes – Make More People Like Us – Are you interested?

Once you’re feeling confident about the look of your Page,

  1. Portals from the main site. Right beside the product pages. This is the key.How fast can our like grows depends on how many customer and how many site visitors we have.
  2. Spam attractive product (promotion) messages on other relative and popular Facebook pages.
  3. Tell colleagues and friends about the page. Invite them. Ask them to like it.
  4. Leverage all media assets you own – your mailing list, e-mail newsletter and signature, store window, website, business cards, etc  to grow your fan base. Tell them you’re there, and provide an immediate incentive for them to connect, such as a discount or giveaway.


  1. One page for each product plus a page for the company or only one page for everything?
    One for all at first.
  2. Open portals from the main site.
    At first we don’t have many users, and then we have. Do it once we’re prepared as this is really worthwhile.


  1. Twitter: The easiest, simplest way to keep in touch with customers.
    Update its content synchronously with Facebook.
  2. YouTube: Upload product demos to YouTube.
    YouTube videos are usually ranked high in search result.