Dynamsoft Announces Build Server for TFS Hosting Service

Vancouver, BC February 20, 2012 – Dynamsoft announces the launch of a new feature for its TFS hosting service, Build Server.

Two months ago, Dynamsoft announced its Hosting Service for Team Foundation Sever – a new source control and software configuration management SaaS solution. This service enables everyone in development team to collaborate more effectively, be more agile, while spend no energy on setting-up or maintaining software infrastructure.

The Build Server Dynamsoft launches today is an important feature for hosted TFS.

In software development, it is greatly beneficial and advantageous to be able to build and test code early and often.  Automated Build plays a crucial role in all agile methodologies. The build server provides the functionality of a powerful build engine to drive work flow in a hosted environment provided by Dynamsoft.

To better facilitate build server, Dynamsoft TFS Build Server allows users to customize Team Foundation Build and configure triggers for manual build, continuous integration, rolling builds or gated check-in. With it, users can specify which code to retain, how and when to trigger builds (continuous or scheduled), which server to use, and more. They can also decide which data to delete during the build by creating custom build definition.

Beyond that, Dynamsoft TFS Build Server supports for Windows Workflow based builds with powerful features like build queuing and build agent, which enables users to easily customize, manage and make better use of the hosted environment powered by Dynamsoft. After a build, the build is available for download via FTP.

Dynamsoft is a ‘leading provider of version control solution and TWAIN SDK’, offering professional source control solution, TWAIN scanning solution and hosting solution. Dynamsoft has 8 years of experience in developing source control, issue tracking and software configuration management solutions. 4 years of experience in providing hosting service (online rate 99.9x%) and 8 years of being a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.