Summer & This City

Still in this city.
Every time I said it’s the last summer I stayed here, it’s always proved in the end that I was wrong.
So this time, I may just say, I’ll stay here for another while.
You know which one it is, if you really know me.

Summer & Self Study

The summer has long gone now, and it rains a lot.
I’m pretty glad that I have enjoyed a splendid summer.
During my 2-month “vacation”, I have learned and mastered a bunch of new skills for both work and personal use.
I ain’t a brilliant or creative enough people, and have been marveled by other people’s achievements occasionally, which stimulates me to acquire more and faster.
After leaving school, do you still try to learn something new every week like me?

Web Design

Got a little annoyed by responsive design. I hate it when I have a new idea but have to implement it in different resolutions. Yet there are piles of compatibility issues waiting to be handled.
I gave up PHP.
Frankly, I hadn’t truly started on this scenario yet. Maths was such a pain for me.
Also, recently I have begun to read some Javacript. It’s not out of interest, but because I have to. CSS3 alone is not enough for creating dynamic and vivid web pages. The cross-browser compatibility issues would be what a nightmare that lingering around every single page I weaved.
Last piece under this topic, I decide to use more color in my designs.

Video Game

WOW is over.
I got sick with the endless daily quests 2 weeks after MOP launched.
25-man raid is very much different from 10-man’s. They’re just two types of games.
Screw you Ghostcrawler, bye.
I am playing COD8 right now. Maybe try BF3 or BF4 later if I got a GTX 7 series graphic card. Just kidding.

colorful umbrella in rain