Actually I wanted to start this article like “My Career as a Web Designer and Developer So Far” at first, but suddenly I think of Joya. She said to me, the other day, that only Falcon and Lincoln were the real developers in the company, she wasn’t. If this is true, what am I supposed to be? Thus, I decided to write it like a story.

Thanks Amy for the Mac and the chance to Design.

Thanks Amy for the Mac and the chance to Design.

Hated CS a Lot

It all began when I finished high school 8 years ago. Mum asked what major interested me most. I replied, “I don’t know. Anyone but computer science.” Then she checked the CS majors of several universities in the sheet and said, “How could you know you would hate something even before you try? I believe CS is gonna prevail.”

The result was, when the school began to teach us computer courses since the sophomore year, I was frustrated by the difficulties of the courses, and gradually developed a strong learning weariness.

What a fruitless and depressing 4-year it was. Fortunately I graduated.

Can’t Tolerate Poor Design

During my last year in the campus, I got myself an intern job as a web operation specialist in an anime company. While working there nine to five, Monday to Friday, I found that the websites interested me a lot. And I just wanted to make it more beautiful and easier to use.

However, my superior would never accepted my proposal of improvement. I guess she feared that I would only end up spoiling the websites. She had a degree in language, but frankly, she knew nothing about how a website worked.

As a result, when I picked up a phone call from Sally, and learnt that she would offer me a looser working environment and a chance to change something, I said yes.

Worked as a Tech Support

I began my job as a tech support for a software product when I first came to Dynamsoft. Though powerful and fully customizable, I gotta say it’s the most user unfriendly software I had ever used.

Before long, it was discontinued. And I shifted to work solely as an online marketer.

Learnt to Design

The marketing team had always been the smallest one in the company. There were only “2.5” people in it when I came. Joya was the front-end and back-end developer. Chloe had to take care of the support team mostly. And I specialized in the social media part at the moment.

I remember that we held a Facebook campaign at that time. We had a number of activity pages, landing pages and promotional materials to design, but we had no designer. So we asked a favor from the designer of our brother company. She designed a fairly nice landing page for us, though I heard that she wasn’t very pleased with this extra labor.

It was after that, I seriously started to self-study web design. Being picky or able to say “I feel the color is too deep” or “I think that part should be bolder” is barely helpful. There should be someone to come up with a better design.

Then I became the one.

Learnt to Develop

At first, I thought the web page making process could be like, I design, then ask someone else to create it in web languages. But I was wrong. Very quickly, I realized that the developers always overlooked the significance of pixel perfect. For instance, they were reluctant to spend time to tune the margins of a very small element again and again to make it precisely point-to-point to the original design.

Consequently, I decided to study and to create webpages by myself.

From Front-end to Back-end

Last year we had a teacher named Greg. He was a python and web development teacher in college. He was the one who stirred up my interest in python and back-end web development. And my experience while working with schoolfellows on some side projects further certified this thought.

I must learn to create websites that are both aesthetically beautiful and highly functional.