July 16 Do not try to know me. Nothing about me on the Internet is real though. I am but an ordinary people standing between the real world and the cyber space, anxiously watching over the both sides.

July 14 I think life is basically for fun. It’s of the vital importance to live a happy life, which doesn’t matter how much money you make, how many things you do, how much knowledge you learn, how many skills you master. I know I’m kinda extreme on this though, it’s true for me.

July 12 Do not attempt to freeze me into the role in which you are most comfortable. It is not me, you will not find me there.

July 10 “..and yet I won’t abandon WoW or anything I consider good in life! ;)” __GoldPaw

July 9 Come on Argentina!

July 9 Vivi is playing AION. I have yet found a guild that suits me, got no chance to raid, hence no new idea to improve CeeUI atm.

July 8 Just un-followed another good guy. Hate being spammed in any forms. :(

July 7 I was late for work this morning. Just woke up at 6 o’clock like the past few days (why?), realized it’s too early, lay back to grab another 2 hours to sleep. Then I was 1 hour late when my superior called me.

July 6 Sorry for all the troubles I have caused and brought to you guys. That’s really not what I have expected at first.

July 5 Feel kinda dizzy atm. Gotta sleep earlier tonight. =.=

July 3 I gotta say that Tier 12 is pretty cool, though I dislike its color as much.

July 3 Got moderated by an idiot, add-on Chinese localization program on NGA aborted.

July 1 Stars shouldn’t have ever tried that.

July 1 MySpace is dead, and this time it’s deadly dead. – the end of a era. :(

July 1 Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

June 30 Patch 4.2 is already out there, but I am kinda worried because many mods are not being updated. I see too many good add-on authors leave, as well as my friends. Whatsworse, too few people coming in, yet I don’t know how to make them stay.

June 28 The new earphones break in the second use day. There won’t be another one this time, since essentially it’s eroding my hearing.

June 27 The lamplight is so bright, it makes me think of the daylight.

June 25 “May it be an evening star, shines down upon you… You’ve walked a lonely road, oh how far you walked from home…”

June 22 The poor network inside the Wall has been consuming my temper. Well, you know even the death won’t be hurt, thus, just keep holding on. We are living in the celestial empire.

June 22 The whole world is so peaceful and sleepy, and strolling in the dreamland, except for my intranquil heart.

June 22 Alone in the rain.

June 21 Leaving when CWOW can keep pace with the world, and enUS client allowed.

June 19 During an occasional proofreading, I astonishedly found that my English grammar and vocabulary are terrifyingly inferior. So if you find my status being repeatedly edited, you should know why.

June 19 Indulged in the desert of info, exhausting to die. – A new page after another, I just can’t stop browsing.

June 18 Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

June 18 WOWUI is dead, MOP UI is dead. CN UI development community is almost dead.

June 12 The rain in Hangzhou, if it rains, it rains intermittently, whole week. So where are those rains from?

June 12 June, nothing new. http://url.cn/3GKsnI

June 11 New home, new roommates, new start, everything is new, but I am broke.

June 11 Except for blood, all relations are fragile and weak. When you are expecting for love and concern from others, think about, have you given them as much.

June 10 Parting time, be good my friends.

June 8 The SMS says, my child, we’ll not transfer you money as much as before, since you’ve grown up. Be independent now. -Fine. Emotionlessly.

June 8 You know what, you just can’t finish everything at a time.

June 2 Vivi’s Sina micro blog is abandoned hereafter. No more self-inflicted setbacks. XD For twitter users, follow me at http://url.cn/0lLDyP

May 31 Wake up in the later night. Such a peaceful and tranquil world.

May 28 Ch1na, an empire under CCTV.

May 26 Life will be just the way you live.

May 25 I spoiled the OS of my mobile phone again, along with the authenticator applet. It’s gonna be a tough week then as I don’t have time to fix it.

May 23 I have tried 30 mins to climb over the Wa11, yet end in vain. So am I dying inside the Great Ch1na Intranet.

May 20 “Because the words are embedded in the images, it makes it difficult for companies to track the negative comments using keywords only.”

May 18 People just don’t stop copying, pasting and forwarding. The internet is more and more like a cheap loud-speaker, which destroys every single byte of sound data. Therefore, srew you guys, I am going home!

May 18 Every repost is always a repost of a repost of a repost.