May 14 New offer accepted, plan Beijing frozen.

May 12 Best wishes to the two new married couples in our companies. The glass chocolate bottle is exhilarating and full of surprise.

May 10 Ch1na Telec0m is blocking enterprise users from visiting foreign website. Long live Ch1na Local Area Network.

May 10 No matter how hard life is, you should never give up what you love.

May 8 CeeUI 2.2.1b (RC) Dark Color version. Brief: pixelperfect, dark color, Flat, en-US compatible, 40100. Might be the final work. and I’ll start to build distribution for zh-TW & en-US, when I see it’s done.

May 7 I’m not looking for me in you, it’s you I have been looking for all along. I like the tender voice when you talk to me through the phone. Like you are so close to my heart.

May 6 I am to build my Chinese blog on Thanks 莎莎公主. My subdomain is . There is nothing in it at the moment. But I’ll draw up a timetable asap.

May 6 “Players using a single client to connect to multiple regions should be able to do so again.” Thanks the global synchronization.

May 3 RealUI is really awesome!

May 2 The death of a hero who fought against the corruption of capitalism. – Long live Os’B’ama! (The B among it is actually needless.

May 2 Every SEO specialist I see keeps advising me to stay away from trying to find the edge of the algorithm or any manipulative practices due to the risk these tactics carry, but the search engines do have many limitations on what they can do, and how they interpret what they see.

May 1 CeeUI 2.2.1 Button texture updated.

April 30 CeeUI 2.2. Texture and add-ons upgraded to 40100.

April 28 Thank cucumkid for the nice siggy. You are so kindhearted!

April 27 When all this comes to an end, I hope for a period of time and a bit of freedom, to rest and reorganize, to plan and prospect; to systematize and rethink, to review the old and gain new. You are on your own.

April 27 EVA破 – 翼をください

April 25 No ways for turning back, you are on your own, vivi.

April 25 It’s not the fairy tale, not a wonderland, not a fantasy world.

April 22 “*Beep* The number you just dialed is no longer available. After the tone, leave a message, and you’ll find your house in an ocean of fire.”

April 21 You know, on the internet even a dog can type.

April 20 What a long busy day it’s been.

April 19 I think somnius, like everyone of us here, didn’t mean to insult anyone else. This ‘IS the suggestion & Feedback section as you see, so it’s okay people post, discuss about or complain about complaints here. Don’t take it in heart.

April 19 But our designer and coder had spent… Alright, there’s nothing you want I can say. But if you really ask, I would tell you that I like the new design. Don’t be so hard on the new theme, maybe next you would get some stuff you like but I don’t. Then I’ll probably be here QQing.

April 18 You know it’s quite different to be an administrator in an English community with to be a moderator of an English section in a designer community.

April 15 Damn it. Some of you please don’t keep forwarding others’ stuff to me. I am following you to hear your story, not others’.

April 15 City, makes life worse.

April 15 No more Coca Cola, no more carbonated drinks. in order to protect my teeth, I still remember last time I had abode by this oath for one straight year.

April 14 It sucks to spend 3 hours going to work by bus every day. :(

April 14At first, I thought of something… At last, I forgot.

April 14 I just started to use sina microblog. To distinguish it from the Tencent one, I will post messages only in Chinese there. So if you like the Chinese version, follow

April 13 Sometimes too magnificent a city can also tear down one’s inner defence.

April 13 So I have started to drink cola and other carbonated drinks again, even if I know how serious damage it could do to my teeth like last time.

April 12 Start voluntary tranlasting for Drupal on 12 April.

April 9 Living peacefully in a mundane year, I still have those affluent time in heart.

April 6 “To answer your question did you not wonder if i was wondering about the wondering of you wondering if i wonder what i wondered you wonder?” –Seraph

April 4 My blog’s logo.

April 4  “I never stick quite long enough to find a place called home.”

March 31 World of Warcraft Summit in China – Paragon, For the Horde, Stars, Dream, etc – 10 April, Changsha, Hunan, China. Today is not 1 April!!

March 30 Oh, god, 1920×1050 is impractical, my LCD does not support and my graphical card is incompetent.

March 30  “I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over the sound of how awesome I am.” – Long Live!

March 28 The UI resolution aches again. I’m heading to 1920×1050 this time.

March 28 CeeUI 2.1 alpha with ouf_slim

March 25 I feel so disturbed.

March 22 CeeUI 2.0r released Original Post

March 22 Google claims that Ch1n0 is attacking Gmail A-Gain. If even google can’t protect its asset from these acts, who can?

March 16 “God made everything and the rest is made in China.” Posted by Collide

March 15 The World® has been taken over by Qihu 360. What the hell is going on?

March 14 “Sorry for the boy who has left us and has abandoned this world.” God blesses us everyone.

March 10 My life is like everyone’s life, simple, mundane and terminable.

March 8 Rammstein, Nightwish, rock rock rock!~

March 4 You shouldn’t have been so naughty, shouldn’t have tried that. Trust means we have to build it together.