August 18: If some day I look back this summer, I hope I would not put it like this, the worst thing I did is to drink that bottle of cola.

August 16: Very likely the last summer in Hangzhou. Hotter than ever.

August 11: After the 25-man heroic Ruby Sanctum falls, or the summer fades out, I might be away for a while.

August 9: Feel like giving up. I am but tired of those past tedious days.

August 8: Forever ever ever ever…This is a real question.

August 7: I don’t want people to change the way they see vivi because of me in real yet absurd.

August 5: Combat power up to 3,000. lol

August 4: I know how much you miss those guys, but they will never be back. Nor will you. Nor will the days. Then why not put them aside?

August 2:One of my classmates came to me the other afternoon, to give me a weighty farewell. I clasped his hands, wordless, I cried after he left.

August 1: Cee, you & tea.

August 1: Many times people ask:” What does your name mean?” I say:” Live livelily.” Really, do I?

July 30: Even if tiny the distance appears, I do have made a step further.

July 29: Life is hard, I come in search of something that could shake me a little bit, to give me a kinda meaning to believe in something.

July 28: So that I can’t become a doctor any more, I shall pursue the career of translation with all my might.

July 27: THE ATONEMENT – Dear Cecilia, the story will resume, I will return. Find you, love you, marry you and live together without shame.

July 26: Don’t push yourself too hard, it’s a long way to go.

July 26: I wish I could remember the first day, first hour, first moment of your meeting me.

July 26: So it’s begun…