04/05/13 I don’t use weixin or weibo, coz I am too busy to ever read other people’s murmurs.
30/04/13 Vivi is now on dribbble at http://dribbble.com/vivianalive
09/04/13 Iraq War: 10 Years.
21/03/13 I hate Goolge for brutally shutting down Google Reader. Just another unfaithful and untrustworthy wallstreat company.
20/03/13 Ah~money, one of the major differences after graduation is that I never stop worrying about how much money I still have.
02/01/13 After leaving school, do you still try to learn something new every week like me?
13/01/13 I hate Windows 8 a lot, and I hate Windows 8 style even more.
03/01/13 Dreams will keep us young.

27/12/12 Thank you for pointing out my mistakes, though it was kinda painful.
16/12/12 Thought I wouldn’t feel lonely again since I love you, yet there’re still much of loneliness around me.
23/11/12 I love pop music, industrial metal, Italian Opera as well as electronic vocal trance.
12/11/12 Wall-E and South Park, both are my favorite cartoons.
28/10/12 I live every day like it’s my last. Hence, sorry I am too busy to just stand there and listen to you.
22/10/12 The reason that I love IT most is that, everthing updates everyday or dies the day after.
02/10/12 As I grow up, I see more demises than newborns.
11/09/12 Paragon “disbanded”. The end of an era. Fxck Ghostcrawler.
27/08/12 “Great design isn‘t good enough.“ So finally I have figured out why I never get along well with my works.
04/08/12 Why Blizzard can’t bring all the good back. I am strong, but I am hurt.