25/07/2012 “Look around us, everybody seem busy on some work, and nobody has spare time to take rest basically it’s a general desire of every person to become rich over night.”
17/07/2012 There’re oceans of people and knowledge on the earth, you only need to learn what meaningful to you. And it’s okay to disregard the rest.
12/07/2012 Human group is an aggregation of interests.
11/07/2012 Dear web user, please upgrade your web browser.
09/07/2012 I should do more, speak less, and never falter.
07/07/2012 Screw you guys, I’m going home.
01/07/2012 Math is easy, Design is hard.
01/07/2012 Last few lines I wrote in the office. Goodbye Dynamsoft.
26/6/2012 Even my parents, people who love me most, might also know the least about me.
16/06/2012 Retina Macbook Pro is out, but I cannot afford it. :(
15/06/2012 Be always prepared to say good bye.
12/06/2012 Life is short, but mine has just begun.
06/06/2012 “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” —Steve Jobs

14/04/2012 Fall in love with Mac OS X. Trying to do some web design and development on it… Kinda troubled with the shortcuts though.
05/04/2012 We must carve out our own ways to learn what makes us unique entities, to find out our own limits, strength, special hobbies and passion.
21/03/2012 Young or never.
03/03/2012 Born to fly, to fly like an eagle, until fall from the sky.
23/02/2012 ‘Don’t do it like it’s your homework, this is business.’ My superior said to me.
20/02/2012 People live to love, to hate, to chase after dreams, to reach as far as possible, then die exhaustedly without regret.
01/02/2012 We talk much, we love only a little, and we hate too much.
21/01/2012 素年安然,唯記錦時。
16/01/2012 Life is hard.
03/01/2012 Bye Bye Summer
01/01/2012 “When the Days All Feel the Same, Don’t Feel the Cold or Wind or Rain; Everything Will Be Okay”

23/12/2011 Besides the leak of 6 million CSDN accounts, 5 million renren.com, 8 million duowan.com and other major Chinese SMS user accounts leaked. – Dedicate to the Internet Real Name Policy advocates.
01/12/2011 But in many times, you’re trying so hard to believe it can’t happen on you, it happens, bloodily.
22/11/2011 I think #life# is but a series of curious experiences, we just need to work hard to get most out of it.
31/10/2011 My Life Creed: Play > Study > Work > Rest
28/10/2011 “The trick to long-term success boils down to how you treat others. Do them right and they’ll reward you. Treat them poorly and they’ll abandon you. It’s not magic.” _Estée Lauder
26/10/2011 To V in 10-year later, persit in what you believe, go after what you love, keep away from doctrine and ethics; stay modest and stay anxious.
24/10/2011 Do not repulse failure, becuase every time we try to rebuild what we spoiled, we can make it way more better.
21/10/2011 I don’t even know what going to bed at a reasonable time is supposed to mean. I am but too busy to ever get bored and I want to be able to not care about what other people think about me.
10/10/2011 The true connotation behind the Amer1can dream as I see is, 90% intellect + 9% hardwork+ 1% fortune.
06/10/2011 “I quit.” Steve Jobs has died.
05/10/2011 I play this song to a decrepit future. Vi.
04/10/2011 It’s all business. They are just doing anything to make more money yet somehow we get a bit benefit and convenience.

21/09/2011 Web game is a pool of water, some people walk round it, some jump in then climb out, some jump in and stay inside…while still some people just squat down, throwing pebbles into it.
16/09/2011 The virtual world to me is but no more than this, register an ID, create a new profile, fill out some so-called details that even yourself won’t believe. Then press submit. A journey begins.
13/09/2011 According to Dunbar’s numer, the more you have on the internet, the less in the real life.
06/09/2011 September autumn raindrops fall. _ season change syndrome. All the best.
03/09/2011 I still have a long journey to take, will not stay in a place for too long. Thus these minors are really insignificant for me to ever care about.
21/08/2011 I hope the time can stop for a moment while I wandering.
19/08/2011 During an occasional proofreading, I astonishedly found that my English grammar and vocabulary are terrifyingly inferior. So if you notice my status being repeatedly edited, you should know why.
17/08/2011 WOW is over…again…and I have a strong feeling that this is the last time.
08/08/2011 The General Administration of Press and Publication of China: the real-name validation of anti-indulgence system of online gaming will formally launch on 1st October.
05/08/2011 This post is for The World browser. I have used it for 5 years since ver 1.X. It’s the best web browser I ever know. Now it’s killed by 360 Co. Ltd. Using ChromePlus now!
02/08/2011 Everything will stay private and personal before accepting the friend requests from strangers. Then it turns open and public. The is what socializing means.
02/08/2011 Life is beautiful.
20/07/2011 Life is actually the biggest MMRPG (massive multi-player OFFLINE role play game) ever.
18/07/2011 Transitory as daylight be, night stretches.