Mar 03: I just passed the interview and acquired the internship as a website operation assistant of a HK company.
Mar 02: Life is boring, then treat everything in a lovely way. Anyway, why so serious?!
Mar 01: I’m kinda obsessed with Rammstein’s heavy metals lately.
Feb 25: Ouch! I am hurt. :(
Feb 24: Translating, back and forth, day and night. I even forget whether I am translating Chinese to English, or English to Chinese. Wait, am I writing in English this time, right?
Feb 24: Translation is a physically demanding manual labor.
Feb 21: I know that we’re Yong, but I just can’t be with you like this anymore.
Feb 16: Welcome to my new blog/portfolio – – currently under construction.
Feb 15: Will Work for Food.
Feb 14: Thank God, I have you here with me.
Feb 13: OMG, I even can’t remember whether I ever had a Valentine’s day.
Feb 12: “It has been the longest winter without you.”
Feb 11: They’re foolishly trying to have everything ordered through an inappropriate way.
Feb 04: Damn it GFW, curse you block my blog.
Feb 02: The lunar new year to me is yet another festival, too big to celebrate.
Feb 01: I am lost again. :(
Jan 31: Happy new year, all!
Jan 27: BBC is to end the radio program in Mandarin Chinese due to funds cut.
Jan 25: “Paragon of the light, lead our armies against the coming darkness.” __ All hard mode bosses in Tier 11 have been killed by at 21:57 GMT, Jan 25, 2011
Jan 23: Nothing is easy if you want to make it good, especially when trying for the best.
Jan 21: I don’t know at first it’s so difficult to walk along. The whole thing is, like this winter – freezingly cold, once begin, no way back. Yet I am not considering giving up.
Jan 20: So the project is almost completed, why I feel so sorrowful, lost and unsafe.
Jan 14: Don’t wanna go home. Don’t ask me why, whether miss you.
Jan 10: To every single day in the past four years and every second in the school, screw you!
Jan 06: I’ve always been wondering how these matters could end in a luciferous ways. Maybe it is me who does not wanna give up.
Jan 06: To the first ten years of twenty-first century, nothing new, glory, bright or promising, except everything.
Jan 03: Bad apple, bad bad apple!~ /rofl
Dec 31: Skype has been outlawed hence banned in China. Anyway, people will still find a way around it.
Dec 24: Tomorrow is my birthday, yet I’ve no idea how to spend it. Hope I can find something to celebrate. Ye, life demands to be lived.
Dec 23: Merry merry Christmas.