Dec 13: God bless us everyone.
Dec 16: Monday is gloomy.
Dec 3: Dream will keep us alive.
Nov 24: I dn’t evn no wht goin to bed at a rsonabl time is supposed m1n. I’m 2 busy to get bord nd I want 2 be able to not care about wht ppl think.
Nov 21: Soaring CPI, don’t try to fool us with your shabby tricks. We are no fool.
Nov 19: I miss you. miss the day met. It was so warm and bright as I can remember.
Nov 15: “Theoretically, there is no difference between theory and practice, but practically, it does.”
Nov 13: I hope u would play WOW like I do. I promised yet never obligated to help u. The way u said to me juz now, really annoyed me. -Yt
Nov 7: Don’t be afraid of change.
Nov 4: TC is really so bloated, arrogant, greedy and kinda sick.
Nov 3: This world, there are too many streets for me.
Oct 29: So I have reopen my Qzone again. Clean and Simple, but nothing more.
Oct 23: I don’t wanna hang out my personal stuff on the web, so sorry.
Oct 21: October the 18th, the autumn falls.
Oct 9: Remember, Chinese has obtained N0be1 Pr1ze already. Thanks L0u.
Oct 8: Wanna do a lot of things, yet I rarely make them come true.
Oct 7: “Think of the day I said goodbye to you, teardrops just come from my eyes.”
Sep 23: Transitory as daylight be, night stretches.
Sep 20: Goodbye Sophia, may the light of goddess bless you, so you have finally stepped on the lawn of Dalaran, free and safe.
Sep 14: So the bad news is the thing is worse than ever, and the good news is it will not be worse.
Sep 9: Even after 4 yrs, I am still thinking, if I wasn’t chosen to major in computer, I could live a happier life.
Sep 6: One Hundred Years of Solitude – García Márquez
Sep 6: I think more than I speak, more than I appear to be.
Sep 5: I tagged myself 1980s, Movie, Music, WOW, White, Quiet, Lean, IT, English, Reading, click to use them as you please.
Sep 1: Don’t cry for me, Argentina.
Aug 30: Engineering is empty, arts is fictitious, business is deceptive, and you are the victim, you must be deceived.
Aug 24: More websites blocked, even google encrypted search is not working favorably as it used to be.
Aug 23: Summer elapsing_