To my dear visitors,


Whether you know me or not, or merely come across this place via another random search.
I just wanna say thank you, thank you for visiting my blog, thank you for reading my words, my experience and my thoughts.

I have moved to – back to simplicity
The update of this blog will be suspended hereafter.

I have been really enjoying writing and sharing blogs here.
No censorship, no charge, no spam, no ads (Never have I seen one, seriously).
What is more, the devs of this site are dedicated to providing higher-quality application and service. They have been continually developing and offering fancy features and updates, which are totally free.
I hope our dearest devs are well paid, they deserve decent salary and cozy vacation.

However, the only and the most annoying problem that results my leave is that, does not support custom theme uploads.
Besides,, a prominent Chinese designer community presents me a free web hosting, where I can play with different themes and associate with people in graphic design.
Then I decide that it might be another journey for me, another new beginning.

Every time I start it all over again, I can do it better.

So long.


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December 1, 2011