Goodbye to you my dear vivi.

I am leaving for home the day after tomorrow.

I donot kown when I would be back

Maybe soon, maybe late, or maybe never

Yet this is not what we need to be worried about right now.


I promise to share with you the last two days in the campus.

Marvel at all the day to day worrries and joys, and pains and tears.

For now they are all gone, far belong to the past.

So can’t we be grateful, happy and cool.

Dance and sing, and yell and scream…


Goodbye to you my dear vivi.

I have been lonely, worried anxious and almost exhausted

All along this year.

But please, remember…

“No matter how hard life is, you should never give up what you love.”

I can make you smile

—-vivianalive  Jan 23, 2010