Last summer, I came to Vancouver BC to study for my second degree in computing science at SFU. Since then, I have been working part-time to support my study and life.

I gotta say it’s not easy at all, but I make it. At least, for the first year, everything works out as expected.

If i don't have class or don't need to go to the office, I'll work from the SFU library.

If i don’t have class or don’t need to go to the office, I’ll work from the SFU library.



  • Apr, arrived in Vancouver
  • Apr, went to Indian Arm with ex-coworkers @ Dynamsoft
  • May, attended Michael’s wedding ceremony
  • May, had dinner at Amy’s home – many times
  • May, school @ SFU started
  • Jul, received an invite from Shawn, new job @ Input Logic
  • Aug, new job @ Yidaico
  • Aug, went to Lynn Canyon with Amy’s family
  • Sep, went to Sasamat Lake, ate BBQ with coworkers @ Yidaico
  • Sep, received an email from @ Microsoft – maybe later
  • Oct, launched Ytrip online
  • Nov, new job @ AmberFS
  • Dec, thanks Vivian H. for cooking the noodles for me
  • Dec, thanks coworkers @ AmberFS for celebrating my birthday


  • Feb, thanks Shu H. for taking the skytrain to Waterfront with me
  • Mar, launched Anbobao online
  • Apr, attended Ryan’s birthday party – drunk
  • Apr, freshman year @ SFU ended


  • Being too harsh on people around me
  • Not making friends
  • So mean
  • Lonely

New Year Goals

  • Keep the projects on the right track
  • No failed course
  • Make friends