Writing this as  a piece of farewell letter to those I know in realm Menethil Taiwan.

I have played WOW for almost 18 months, but rarely change my guild. I deeply understand the principle of raid is that we shall fight as a team, the trust and the acquaintance among every fellow raider determines whether we down a boss smoothly, while all the masterful skills and clever tactics will come themselves after getting wiped out and rebuffing for hunderds of times. Without a team, you cannot even defeat a nameless, a sort of BOSS in a normal mode 5-man dungeon. Somehow, as a team of love and justice, we killed cunning Onyxia in Dustmud Marsh, we swept Blackwing Lair and Merging Core hard and clean, nevertheless we burried the so-called old god C’thun in his stone-made chamber  under the harsh desert of Silithus. Arthas, Illidan, Kealthas those three Azeroth bastards have also got what they deserve.

But to be frankly, I am a post-TBC player. I have never seen or touched Kel’thuzard untill I came to Menethil to try WrtLK 80 level group dungeons. The night my first character- a night elf hunter reached 70 comes patch 3.0, later Storm Eve-3.0.5. My guild-the very first one I have stayed, downed Illidan and Kil’jaeden smoothly before long, as the difficulties of TBC dungeons have been reduced to a leisure level. People simply use their face to scroll on keyboard to bully boss. They even tease the once NPND Kil’jaeden as a guy drops into flush toilet.

I left my guild at that time, because there were too many hunters. As a newman of the guild, totally blank about raid, I cannot find a proper status or obtain recognition there. I said to myself, this is not an ideal place for a new comer, they need no more idiot hunters.

I rerolled priest later. My new guild needed one. At level 78, they took me to Mount Hyjal. During the whole raid, I kept dying. It was horrible for me to watch over 24 men’s health and mine. The next day we raided the Black Temple. I was poor equipped, small amount of blood, sill fragile. The attempt in which we passed, they soulstoned me once, revived me once. It was the first time I felt concerned and treasured in WOW, comparing to the treatment I got in th former guild.

We downed Kil’jaeden one moth after our raid team is organized. Using up almost all my DKP, I got the golden staff of the Sin’dorei. I convince you, that is the happiest and most resplendent moment I have ever had in WOW. Becuse the later injustice censors and comments of WOW, the lag of new patch, among with the joining of some purposive new blood nearly crushed our guild.

RL shit happened all the time, many old fellow raiders left us. And finnaly it was my turn.

I found and joined my third guild soon, with the help of one my classmates. This is an old and harmonious guild with a lot of old wowers. The RL is a lady. Her boyfriend helps us on weekly raids. They are kind to me, also appreciate my perception in holy priest and my job as a goup healer. This is the guild I have alway been searching for. And I ultimately I find it, I am in, and I will never leave.

So back to the topic of that letter. I am leaving them, leaving Menethil, to join our guild’s new home in Tichondrius. Being a priest without team, I have been lonely and lost for quite a long time in Menethil. Fortunately, my guild members decide to give up vain waiting in CWOW. We are building a new copy of our guild right now, old friends, old name and everyone in his old class.

I hear the wind whispers, a new day has come.

“I’ve been waiting for so long, for a miracle to come…”

Elune will see it.