1. Receive task

  • Confirm the due date and requirements.
  • Create a new entry on Asana for the task.
  • Sort tasks by urgency. If uncertain, ask Rachel.

Asana, SourceAnywhere

2. Sketch

  • If it’s a large, complicated, or unassured work, start from paper.
  • Show and discuss the sketch with the task assigner and the team.

grid paper, pencil

3. Design

  • Rule No.1, maintain the consistency of typography and color.
  • Is the new font or color really indispensable?
  • Will the new font or color be used elsewhere?
  • Can the average monitors reproduce the colors as expected?
  • Does the visual effect worth extra codes to implement?

style guide, photoshop, ColorSnapper

4. Feedback and Change

  • When the design is ready, group mail it to the team.
  • Collect feedbacks, answer questions and make changes accordingly.


5. Code

  • Adopt version control.
  • Write extensible, maintainable and reusable code.
  • If got questions regarding coding or database, ask Joya.
  • Slice and compress images before using them.

SCM Anywhere, Sublime Text, VMware Fusion, MAMP, ImageOptim

6. Debug

  • Debug.
  • Check and fix compatibility issues.
  • Check and fix typo, broken links and etc.

Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome

7. Review and Modify

  • When the page is done, share page link via Skype to the team.
  • Avoid changing design at this phase.
  • Usually some text contents will be updated as requested.


8. Test

  • For some important pages, ask the test team to check them.
  • Conduct a quick check for compatibilities, texts, links, and resource references.
  • May ask for a favor from Annie, if she’s available.

Test team

9. Upload and Recheck

  • Remember to upload the newly added pictures.
  • Recheck compatibilities, links and resource references
  • Share the link to the team via Skype.

Filezilla, browsers

10. Complete

  • Check the corresponding entry on Asana.
  • Keep a note for weekly meeting.


11. Others

  • Categorize and backup designs, codes and virtual machines regularly.
  • Designs and pictures are backed up to ftp://.../Archive/Design.
  • Codes like email templates are backed up to ftp://.../Archive/Code.

Filezilla, Internal FTP