We had a series of promotion campaigns in the past few months. So I had been making banners, landing pages and HTML emails for EDM. Particularly, as the Christmas is closing in, I started to use more and more yellow color our in marketing materials.

1. iLite Retro 2.0

New navigation bar, added banner area, and added more orange color.

You can check the live version here: http://www.kevingao.net

2. TFS Email banner

Yellow & red colours are specially for the Christmas.


While converting the old tedious black-n-white plain text emails into lively HTML version, I found it quite difficult but worthwhile to persuade our team to control the number of URLs in each one.

3. Banner ads for TWAIN product

By designing the first version, I tried to make the ad stand out. But looks our developers hated its scattering light-orange background.

So I made the version two.

This’s the one that was adopted.

Apparently the developers love neat, easily cognizable & easy-to-read text content.

4. The new UI element set for the online demos of our products.

It’s pretty neat, with only orange color, gradient and a bit shadow.

5. The landing page for one our campaign.

There’s a little flaw with the background gradient, as I was using a cheap office-level monitor, the color changes unnaturally. :(