1. Merry Christmas and New Year Email

The HTML email I designed and made for Christmas and New Year’s day last year.
It didn’t take me much time to bring this email from sketch book into photoshop, but it unexpectedly took me a whole afternoon to edit and check time and time again to bring the maximum compatibility across various email platforms and browsers.

Our customers are mainly English-spoken programmers. AFAIK, they love black, white, orange, red colors. They love designs that are either serious or enthusiastic. Hence, when I noticed that I had already used red and green colors on it, I determined not to use our company color – orange.

I wish our customers could find a bit love and care while skimming through piles of commercial promotions that are of nothing but greed and evil.

new year letter 121220

2. Homepage design for a Chinese software company

I had a little trouble while designing this site. It was just so strange for me to type Chinese characters into PSD.
Usually, 12px is large enough for English letters. But for Chinese characters, things are different.

index page design for damingsoft