This is the final release of CeeUI 2.3.x series after one whole year. And I have just been preparing to get back to WoW to play as a casual player below the NGA standard.

Change Log:

  1. all addons updated to 4.3 (please remember to click on Load Out of date Addons)
  2. reduced the opacity of target auras
  3. reduced the opacity of target of target frame (improved the clarity of center area)
  4. replaced SKADA with alDamageMeter as the damage meter
  5. fixed BaudAuction, xCT and several other addons
  6. More that I forgot…


Solo – targeted. aura/buff/debuff/cooldown demo

Solo – resting


Raid – CeeUI 2.3.5

Ye, old screenshot here. Because my subscription was expired. :(



Raid – CeeUI 2.3.6beta

I quit again after my 2-week MOP PFU experience.
Hence I didn’t have the chance to update and tune every mod inside, and make it MOP-ready.

CeeUI 2.3.7 beta