Nah~nah~nah~ here comes CeeUI 2.3.5 preview edition.

I don’t really have as much time as I had to take my adventure on WOW. Besides, BLZ has just nerfed shadow priest for fun. So, screw you guys, I am going home!

Recently I had few short chats with my UI design friends. I was quite amazed by the progress they had made, and was inspired by their works a lot. That’s why I decided to return WOW to continue evolving CeeUI.

Change log:
1. added show/hide feature to player & pet frame
2. added  hide in combat feature to mini-map
3. changed the font of stText and mini-map with HOOGE, and darker color
4. reduced visible action bar to one.
5. updated some mods to their latest versions.

Resting – no target

CeeUI 2.3.5 resting

Resting – targeted

CeeUI 2.3.5 rest targeted

In Combat – Team

CeeUI 2.3.5 in Combat, Team

Add-on List:

ACP Hide_Minimap Skada
AddonLoader idQuestAutomation SmartLFGToolTip
Align IgnoreMore SpellFlashCore
AutoLagTolerance LFGForwarder stText
BasicChatMods LoseControl tekKompare
!BugGrabber Masque tekKrush
BugSack MiniLoot teksLoot
Butsu m_Map TipTac
ButtonFacade m_Nameplates TradeSkillDW
ButtonFacade_Pixel NeedToKnow tullaRange
cargBags_Nivaya oGlow TweakWoW
ClearFont OmniCC UIScaler
CloseUp oUF Vendorizer
ConfirmLootRoll oUF_SpellRange Wanderlust
CoolLine oUF_mono !YouArentInAPartyFix
Dominos oUF_MovableFrames QuestInfo
DragEmAll Pare FriendsMenuXP
DSM QueueAlert SpellFlash
EasyMail ReadyCheckBgSound nibWindowSize
EquippedItemLevel RemoveFriend xCT
Focuser SatrinaBuffFrame pError
GnomishVendorShrinker SBFOptions yClassColors
GreedBeacon shieldmonitor BaudAuction