It’s Done!

Stable, yet not bug free.

More elements added in, for instance, action bar and texture show / hide parameters (combat / target exists / group).
Key bindings rearranged.
More bugs swept away.

The error of mMenu when toggling Healbot still exists…

1. Rest, alone

CeeUI 2.3.1 r rest, alone


CeeUI 2.3.1 r targeted

3. Team, In Combat

CeeUI 2.3.1 r Team, In Combat

4. Raid, in Combat

CeeUI 2.3.1 r Raid Combat

5. Other Screenshots

Flying in the night sky of Orgrimmar

Flying in the night sky of Orgrimmar

CeeUI 2.3.2 preview

CeeUI 2.3.2 preview

Download Link: 2.3.2 Release

This version is only for enUS/zhTW 4.2, most Addons need update in order to be compliant with patch 4.3.

Most custom textures and personal preferring mods removed, though.

Known Issues:

a) mMenu can’t toggle Healbot
b) Dominos Cooldown style too huge
c) The border lines only hide after first time leave combat

a) Find a better method to dock BugSack
b) Color TargetFrame by class – astonishingly Ugly. Shelved at least for now.
c) Reimplement the healing group frame
d) Try some intuitive status bar textures

You are welcome to post requests or suggestions here about the UI features, in Chinese or English.
I will carefully consider them, and bring them into my future work.