Tier 12 is about to be dispatched on the live realm within weeks, that is basically why I make this UI – always want to try something new and fancy.

Well, as for the new  journey of raid, I  totally have no idea. Although, I have free time every evening and a two-day rest every week, which I know are enough for any kinds of raid activities. The problem now is, I am, but like more and more people in the community, getting bored with those endless high-pressure raids, ugly loot, repetitive dungeon farms, besides the uneven fight against the poor network of CN LAN, which breaks down unexpectedly from time to time. And first of all, I haven’t ever found a guild I can call it home…

I hear rumors that WOW is dying, and I believe it. The current situation is, wow is boring, yet other MMOs are more boring, therefore the whole player community is sluggish.
Even so, the situation of CWOW UI development community is much worse than western players can imagine. The most important two UI sharing sites are either shut down and sold. I can do nothing, but mock:

“MOPUI is dead, WOWUI is dead, CN WOW UI development community is dead.”  (I am not that serious though.)

About CeeUI 2.3.0

I have borrowed many ideas from UI authors on wowuigallery, especially from Tomine. Yesterday I even spent hours searching on the internet, trying to get in contact with her / him. Yet it ended in vain. Thus, I start to build the whole UI from base.

1. Action Bar

I am using Dominos, and I am a keyboard clicker. There it’s okay this UI allows for only 24 viewable buttons.
4 lines of action bars are hidden, two of them are show-on-mouseover, while the other two are hidden completely.
I also use shortcut to switch between 2 bars.

2. Target Aura

My method is quite plain on the screenshots.

3. Player Aura

See screenshots.
This sadly is best method I can think of at the moment.
Since it’s not the vital part, I will come back to it later.

4. Others

Many combat_log_unfiltered based add-ons, for instance, SKADA, Recount, xCT are broken on the PTR. I am a little worried xCT will be discontinued, like many other mods of the patch.
Besides, mMenu is a little buggy with Healbot, which has already bugged out in the current patch.

1) Rest: Shadow priest, 1920×1080, alone, Westfall

CeeUI 2.3.0 beta rest solo

2) Combat:

CeeUI 2.3.0 beta in combat

3). Design Pattern

CeeUI 2.3.0 design pattern