This is the in raid screenshot of CeeUI 2.2, captured when she was healing with holy talent.

The left-side name bars (group frame) could in fact be hidden, but seemingly she doesn’t bother to.
When healing in raid or dungeons, the group frame  in the down center becomes the most important part of a UI. Therefore I make it big and clean as much as possible, but avoid sheltering the area where the character stands. It’s because, in raid you can never expect the place you stands on is secure. Ghostcrawl does not tolerate this kind of deeds.
I have changed the texture of the whole UI to a brighter and smoother one, and upgraded most of the add-ons to 40100. There are still a bit bugs in target frame. For now, I am waiting Haste to release a leftover free Ouf_core.

1. CeeUI 2.2 In Raid & Healing Mode

CeeUI 2.2 raid heal
2. CeeUI 2.2 Resting & Shadow Spec

CeeUI 2.2 rest shadow

3. CeeUI 2.2.1 Action bar texture updated.

CeeUI 2.2.1 resting

4. Unit Frame with buffs and debuffs

CeeUI 2.2.1 uniteframe

5.  CeeUI 2.2.1a Most add-ons updated to the latest.

CeeUI 2.2.1a fly

6. CeeUI 2.2.1b Dark color version Thanks nannan828.themex

Keywords: Pixel Perfect, main status bar texture: Flat, shadow priest in Raid

CeeUI 2.2.1b Dark


The action bar is unbelievably ugly. I use ButtonFacade_Shadow in the above screenshot.
It’s yet not the final work. I’ll always try other texture styles.
Nevertheless, the overall resource consumption, both CPU and memory, is a bit out of control. I am considering replacing some trivial parts.