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You have a big heart for a big world!

Dec 25 2018

On the Thirtieth

live life mindfullyand to the fullestkeep walkingand never falter

Dec 25 2017

On the Twenty-Ninth

I gradually start to read about life, home and emotion recently. I start to care about diet, sleep and health, rather than news, electronics or celebrities. Any negative emotions will be solved rapidly. Instead of being hysteric and vainly attempting to change the world, now I try to refine myself and improve my life. Life  Continue Reading »

Dec 28 2016

Moments – May 2016 ~ December 2016

May: You’re my sunshine June: Goodbye C++ June: Goodbye summer July: Goodbye Tony August: Goodbye SFU August: Goodbye Vivian, hello Leo September: Hello FDU

Apr 13 2016

First Year in Vancouver

Last summer, I came to Vancouver BC to study for my second degree in computing science at SFU. Since then, I have been working part-time to support my study and life. I gotta say it’s not easy at all, but I make it. At least, for the first year, everything works out as expected.

Aug 18 2014

My Career So Far

Actually I wanted to start this article like “My Career as a Web Designer and Developer So Far” at first, but suddenly I think of Joya. She said to me, the other day, that only Falcon and Lincoln were the real developers in the company, she wasn’t. If this is true, what am I supposed  Continue Reading »