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Dec 28 2014

Website Work SOP at Dynamsoft

1. Receive task Confirm the due date and requirements. Create a new entry on Asana for the task. Sort tasks by urgency. If uncertain, ask Rachel. Asana, SourceAnywhere 2. Sketch If it’s a large, complicated, or unassured work, start from paper. Show and discuss the sketch with the task assigner and the team. grid paper,  Continue Reading »

Mar 2 2013

Design Works Dec 2012~Feb 2013

1. Merry Christmas and New Year Email The HTML email I designed and made for Christmas and New Year’s day last year. It didn’t take me much time to bring this email from sketch book into photoshop, but it unexpectedly took me a whole afternoon to edit and check time and time again to bring the maximum compatibility across  Continue Reading »

Dec 2 2012

Design Works Sep~Nov 2012

We had a series of promotion campaigns in the past few months. So I had been making banners, landing pages and HTML emails for EDM. Particularly, as the Christmas is closing in, I started to use more and more yellow color our in marketing materials. 1. iLite Retro 2.0 New navigation bar, added banner area,  Continue Reading »

Aug 22 2012

Webpage Design for Dynamsoft

Here are the design works I made  for Dynamsoft, a widely recognized Canadian software company. 1. Illustration for Dynamic .Net TWAIN

Jan 29 2012

CeeUI 2.3.6 release

This is the final release of CeeUI 2.3.x series after one whole year. And I have just been preparing to get back to WoW to play as a casual player below the NGA standard. Change Log: all addons updated to 4.3 (please remember to click on Load Out of date Addons) reduced the opacity of target auras  Continue Reading »