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Tag Archives: Sadness

May 6 2012

To Detroit, we’ll break up, we have no future

I thought love is I love you and you love me, then we live together forever and ever. Yet it’s not. My dearest, sorry I have hurt you again. The scar is so deep. I am so scared. But please don’t hate me. Please don’t blame me. Please take away all the happiness but the  Continue Reading »

Dec 8 2011

Write in English

The original intention I write in English is to avoid that they read my words, my sadness, my sorrow – the dark part of me.

Jan 23 2010

Goodbye to vivi in Year 2009

Goodbye to you my dear vivi. I am leaving for home the day after tomorrow. I donot kown when I would be back Maybe soon, maybe late, or maybe never Yet this is not what we need to be worried about right now.   I promise to share with you the last two days in the  Continue Reading »