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Dec 28 2016

Moments – May 2016 ~ December 2016

May: You’re my sunshine June: Goodbye C++ June: Goodbye summer July: Goodbye Tony August: Goodbye SFU August: Goodbye Vivian, hello Leo September: Hello FDU

May 4 2013

Microblog Archive – July 2012~May 2013

04/05/13 I don’t use weixin or weibo, coz I am too busy to ever read other people’s murmurs. 30/04/13 Vivi is now on dribbble at 09/04/13 Iraq War: 10 Years. 21/03/13 I hate Goolge for brutally shutting down Google Reader. Just another unfaithful and untrustworthy wallstreat company. 20/03/13 Ah~money, one of the major differences  Continue Reading »

Aug 2 2012

Microblog Archive – July 2011~August 2012

25/07/2012 “Look around us, everybody seem busy on some work, and nobody has spare time to take rest basically it’s a general desire of every person to become rich over night.” 17/07/2012 There’re oceans of people and knowledge on the earth, you only need to learn what meaningful to you. And it’s okay to disregard  Continue Reading »

Jan 3 2012

Bye Bye Summer

Summer elapses There are many times I say this is the last summer I stay in Hangzhou, but I am still here. I saw you off that night when the coldness arrived. I wore white T-shirt, while you were in coat and sweater. I pretended as it’s not cold at first then I forgot the  Continue Reading »

Sep 1 2006

Gone With the Wind

随风飘荡 Written in 2006, to someone I’d never met. 顺着雨链落下的方向、 天翻地覆、 抑或是整个世界都开始倾斜。 风改变雨的方向, 于是天空大地, 不断变换方向, 摇晃、摇晃,随风飘荡。 但是春天晨间的雨极其明亮, 没有乌云,没有闪电, 没有雷声, 没有满世界的、嘈杂的喧嚣。 心静,静穆的潇湘, 倾听雨滴碰触大地的声音, 倾听远方希望轻舞的声音, 倾听依然静静涂写的声音…… 我有一片心, 似这些水一般清凉、干净。 我有一双手, 鲜血在像这积满雨滴、汤汤流淌的斜纹的血脉里涌动, 此般清明 —清晰可见。 这样静美, 深涵的的水韵世界、饱染水墨的空灵, 雨雾升腾,漂移, 在我上面不远的天空。 如果你爱我, 我希望,你一直保持这个姿势, 这么亲近我, 亲近我的脸颊、耳垂、双手, 一直温柔地触摸我的额头, 咬我的耳朵,靠在我的肩膀上。 就像此刻心碎的雨滴那样, —有一杯雨的心灵