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May 27 2014

Twenty-five and Never Again

Health I went to see the doctor earlier this month. Something was really wrong with my ears. The doctor told me that I had nervous tinnitus and I was deaf. Then he added a pair of parentheses after the word “deaf”, and wrote “high frequency”. Fortunately, I am not 100% deaf yet. It just took  Continue Reading »

Oct 26 2010

What Happened to the Men Who Built China?

What happened to the men who built China? 建中国者,而今安好? Posted on 2010/10/26, 16:13, by Jeremy Goldkorn, under Migrant workers. 发表日期:2010年10月26日,16:13 发布者:Jeremy Goldkorn 作者:Malcolm Moore 译者:vivianalive 主题:农民工 Original URL: 原始链接: This article is by Malcolm Moore, the Daily Telegraph‘s Shanghai Correspondent. You can follow him on twitter. 本文作者Malcolm Moore是每日邮报的一名上海通讯员.你可以follow他的twitter. What happened to the men who built  Continue Reading »

Apr 12 2010

Best Regards to Those I love

I have never felt death so close to me before. She called last night to tell me that one of her very beloved brother is dying of cancer. Someone  she loved so much, not a little bit less than loving me. And I understand, it is because she needs a big brother in her whole  Continue Reading »

Aug 19 2009

Starting Salaries of University Grats fall in 2009 August 19th, 2009 at 1:40 pm Starting salaries of Chinese university graduates fall in 2009 2009年中国大学毕业生起薪下降 The Xinhua News Agency reports that the starting salaries of China’s university graduates have fallen in major cities throughout the country since the start of the year. 新华社报道:自年初起,全国各主要城市大学毕业生起始工资水平下降 “The human resource services company, Zhaopin (智联招聘) recently released its  Continue Reading »

Aug 18 2009

BBC-Day in Pictures Page last updated at 18:51 GMT, Tuesday, 18 August 2009 19:51 UK   worker cleaning the weeds   A Kashmiri worker painstakingly cleans Dal Lake in Srinagar, in Indian-administered Kashmir, of the weeds that clog its surface 位于印控克什米尔地区首府斯利那加的达尔湖上,一名克什米尔工人小心地清理着覆盖河面的杂草.   pictures of the victims   People mark the 15th anniversary of the bombing of the AMIA  Continue Reading »