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Aug 9 2016

Life Is Not If A Then B

You see people getting married, having kids, building families and starting businesses… while you are still wandering around. The feeling is like, everyone else is graduating, while you are still in the school, repeating another year. Life is truly more difficult than you could have imagined. It’s not that, if you study hard enough, then  Continue Reading »

May 4 2013

Microblog Archive – July 2012~May 2013

04/05/13 I don’t use weixin or weibo, coz I am too busy to ever read other people’s murmurs. 30/04/13 Vivi is now on dribbble at 09/04/13 Iraq War: 10 Years. 21/03/13 I hate Goolge for brutally shutting down Google Reader. Just another unfaithful and untrustworthy wallstreat company. 20/03/13 Ah~money, one of the major differences  Continue Reading »

Aug 2 2012

Microblog Archive – July 2011~August 2012

25/07/2012 “Look around us, everybody seem busy on some work, and nobody has spare time to take rest basically it’s a general desire of every person to become rich over night.” 17/07/2012 There’re oceans of people and knowledge on the earth, you only need to learn what meaningful to you. And it’s okay to disregard  Continue Reading »

May 6 2012

To Detroit, we’ll break up, we have no future

I thought love is I love you and you love me, then we live together forever and ever. Yet it’s not. My dearest, sorry I have hurt you again. The scar is so deep. I am so scared. But please don’t hate me. Please don’t blame me. Please take away all the happiness but the  Continue Reading »

May 9 2010

Wind Feels

I have got this feel, that sometime the wind is flowing across my very eyes, then slips out from a corner some part. 有时候我会觉得风在穿过我的眼睛, 然后从身体的某个地方逸出去. 2010/05/09