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Apr 15 2010

A Short Story of A CWOWer

Writing this as  a piece of farewell letter to those I know in realm Menethil Taiwan. I have played WOW for almost 18 months, but rarely change my guild. I deeply understand the principle of raid is that we shall fight as a team, the trust and the acquaintance among every fellow raider determines whether  Continue Reading »

Aug 31 2009

My Goodbye

告别 RL猪: 想了很久,还是决定AFK,并且,应该道个别. 我找不到继续玩下去的理由,因为这没有限期的,免费的月卡么,这太可爱. 很疲惫,也很厌倦.该换一种方式生活. 希望,公会能够继续下去,愈来愈好,希望国服的WLK能够早点开,CTM也不必拖太晚. 愿艾露恩照亮你的前程. AFK自2009年9月1日起. ~ ~ vivi 31 August, 2009   My Goodbye RL: I’ve been entangled by myself for such a long time. But in the end, I determine to walk away from the keyboard. Howecer, I understand a goodbye is necessary-one good “bye”. It’s unlikely that I could find  Continue Reading »