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Dec 28 2014

Website Work SOP at Dynamsoft

1. Receive task Confirm the due date and requirements. Create a new entry on Asana for the task. Sort tasks by urgency. If uncertain, ask Rachel. Asana, SourceAnywhere 2. Sketch If it’s a large, complicated, or unassured work, start from paper. Show and discuss the sketch with the task assigner and the team. grid paper,  Continue Reading »

Aug 18 2014

My Career So Far

Actually I wanted to start this article like “My Career as a Web Designer and Developer So Far” at first, but suddenly I think of Joya. She said to me, the other day, that only Falcon and Lincoln were the real developers in the company, she wasn’t. If this is true, what am I supposed  Continue Reading »

Dec 2 2012

Design Works Sep~Nov 2012

We had a series of promotion campaigns in the past few months. So I had been making banners, landing pages and HTML emails for EDM. Particularly, as the Christmas is closing in, I started to use more and more yellow color our in marketing materials. 1. iLite Retro 2.0 New navigation bar, added banner area,  Continue Reading »

Aug 22 2012

Webpage Design for Dynamsoft

Here are the design works I made  for Dynamsoft, a widely recognized Canadian software company. 1. Illustration for Dynamic .Net TWAIN

Jul 31 2012

Keep Walking and Never Falter

Summer comes. The new Macbook Pro is out, but I cannot afford it. It was such a mock that one thing I’d been awaiting so long, yet in the end it just turned out I couldn’t afford it, which thereby shocked me greatly. “Am I not excellent enough?” or “haven’t I been working hard enough  Continue Reading »