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Mar 14 2011

The Old Friends

I don’t know if I would come back here again, don’t ever like the new blog site quite much. I am deeply missing the old JH blog. When we were three or four years younger. Now most people I know from that time have graduated. And here is my turn to leave. Yet I only  Continue Reading »

Feb 25 2011

Teaching Reform of Printing Principles and Process Discuss

Title: 印刷原理与工艺课程的教改探讨 Author: anonymous Translation: From Chinese to English Translator: vivianalive Note:  Another piece of education thesis translation for one my professors. Here for archiving only. Discussion on the Teaching Reform of Printing Principles and Process Abstract By combing the characteristics of printing specialty, several suggestions on the teaching reform of printing principles and process are  Continue Reading »

Jan 16 2011

Teaching the Compilers Course

Title: Teaching the Compilers Course Author: Alfred V. Aho, Department of Computer Science Columbia University Note: A piece of translation work for professor Lv. Here I only post the Chinese version for archiving 编译程序课程的教学 阿尔弗雷德 V. 阿霍 哥伦比亚大学 计算机科学系 我一直很喜欢教编译程序课。编译程序设计是理论与实践的完美结合—它是系统编程领域第一批重大理论基础发展之一,而今应用于通常实践中。我坚信高德纳信条:“理论与实践并不互斥,而是紧密联系,相辅相成的。”【5】 在过去的五十年中,一些团体把传统的编译程序课程同计算机科学课程关联在一起【6】。本文着眼于,编译程序课程自其诞生开始如何回应这些团体。我根据四本编译程序书中的材料整勾画了这一演变过程。我曾参与这些书的编写,还把它们用在我过去三十年的编译程序课程中。【1-4】

Jan 3 2011

How to Teach Software Modeling

Title: How to Teach Software Modeling Author: Tetsuo Tamai GraduateSchoolofArtsandSciences TheUniversityofTokyo 3-8-1Komaba,Meguro-ku Tokyo153-8902,Japan Note: Translation work for Dr. Lv Here I only post out Chinese version for archiving. 如何教软件建模 玉井哲夫 东京大学艺术与科学研究生院 3-8-1驹场,目黑区 东京 153-8902, 日本 摘要 为了提高学生学习软件工程的积极性,我们需要用一些方法来找到软件科学与实际运用之间的平衡。本文中我们主张,从一个统一的视角来教授多种软件建模技术,不但可以达到这一平衡还可以吸引学生的兴趣。 分类和主题描述

Oct 9 2009

I Hate You

You know, sometimes I hate my school. 3-plus years I have lived and studied here -rolling hills, flowing river, clean atmosphere, and flying birds -so close to the mother nature -a realistic place to research and learn The exciting scenes of the first week we come is always there So, why I hate it, how  Continue Reading »