It looks like the whole source control community has no humor at all. I see many people, both experienced and newbie, repeatedly asserting that VSS is hell bad, which is just like those old biases: C++ is whole way better than C, Win Vista is a terribly packaged fruit jelly – vainly mimicking Apple, and Win XP is too aged and worn-out to serve this rapidly developing world. Yet still lots of people are using them. You never know how you would like or even cling on to a software product before you use it. And every source control application inevitably consists of bugs and defects, and that VSS is just too difficult to drop overnight.

Well then my dear reader, would you like to keep or replace Visual SourceSafe

With SourceAnywhere?

Replace VSS with SourceAnywhere

Dynamsoft SourceAnywhere:
Comprehensive SourceSafe Solutions: alternatives & remote access add-on