On my way home, the cellphone battery was running out. I hadn’t managed to send you a goodbye before it closed down automatically. Sorry for having you wait for me.

You are one of those friends back 4 or 5 years ago. It was the most splendid, bright and hopeful time in my life. I really appreciate your company and friendliness then.

Our golden time has long gone. We can hardly do anything to control our daily though, in most cases, what we do is but to pull it from inevitably sliding into an unfathomable abyss named the society.

People think we are pessimistic. Nay, in opposite, we are actually the most optimistic people of the time. Our nation and society have undergone immense change in past few years, which consequently brought piles of unneglectable problems. So is our life.

We are the ones who pay what our parents owe, who take what our parents make.